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Mobile analysis of VDV telegrams in handheld radio sets new standards!

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The smart way of Radio Analysis

In the sector of public transport many control tasks are performed via the R09.xx radio telegram by the air interface. Busses pre-emt traffic lights, barriers can be opened. If thereby any issues do arise, it is difficult and often expensive to identify the error.

Here we offer you a convincing solution: RITA, our developed handheld radio based on a professional device of ICOM, enables you to isolate possible sources of errors and finally to identify and fix them. Under our agreement with the radio manufacturer ICOM we provided the handheld radio with an additional board and firmware, featured by the Option-Board. The created system radio device RITA is now able to receive the R09.xx radio telegrams. The latest of each received telegram is decoded and then displayed.

In response to popular demand now finally deliverable:

A compact device, that is able to decode self-sustained (not computer-aided) and promptly a VDV-telegram, without an extra antenna or wiring, but with an integrated rechargeable battery.

But what about if you want more?

You prefer to receive all telegrams over a certain period of time combined with the ability to analyze them at a later stage? In addition you also want to send telegrams in order to test the control processes?     

Also then MARTAplus is the right choice for you. RITA is available with a Bluetooth interface and can be connected to a windows tablet PC or a notebook. A complex software (MARTA-RX) to analyze R09.xx radio telegrams is included in the scope of delivery.
A magnetic antenna, an antenna adapter, a charging cradle and two batteries are included as well.  

With the use of RITA you can receive R09.xx data telegrams and you can also send them as well. Since this will enable you to simulate both scenarios: the bus (transmission of telegrams) as well as the light signal system (reception of telegrams) the effort of any problems that may occur or when the control tasks are first set up is significantly reduced. A cost-intensive use of public transport vehicles in order to send telegrams can be omitted as well as the use of additional staff to check the local computer of the light signal system.


  • Receiving of radio telegrams according to VDV
  • Complexe view & analysis of the telegrams
  • Import of the historian of LISBETH LSA 16 & LISBETH LSA 19, the VDV telegram processing units
  • Operation system: Windows XP up to Windows 10

RITA enables you to set a local filter using the keyboard of the handheld radio. Then the R.09xx telegram is directly filtered and displayed according to various criteria like the line, the course and the reporting point.

You prefer to send telegrams directly via a handheld radio without an additional PC or software?
No problem: - by using the 10-digit keyboard up to 10 different R.09.xx telegrams can be stored locally, changed and sent at any time without the use of an external PC. Even with the use of the software MARTA-TX you get the possibility to store up to 250 telegrams in the handheld radio and to send them via the speed-dial keys.

Even whole scenarios can be created in such a way, e.g. to simulate the passage of an intersection.


  • Receiving & sending of radio telegrams according to VDV
  • Handheld radio with a 10-digit keyboard
  • Analyzing (MARTA-RX) and generating (MARTA-TX) of telegrams
  • The indicator and filter of the telegram is locally displayed
  • Local transmission of telegrams via the 10-digit keyboard
  • Complex receiving and transmission software is included in the scope of delivery
  • Portable operation
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