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IP based DMR Dispatcher & Control staion

HYDI is not only a dispatcher in the Hytera IP network. HYDI also operates as a control station for radio network participants with an own radio ID & group assignment, distinguished because of its intuitive handling. With this tool employees can continue to participate in communication from their workplace even without a radio device. Depending on client application it can as well be used as an alternative for a complex inhouse supply. Also, new opportunities for the emergency service come along: With existing IP-connection to the Hytera repeater network, the group (e.g. winter road maintenance) can be controlled from any location.

HYDI Server

The HYDI server can be placed directly next to a Hytera repeater of your choice and will be integrated into the IP network. It will automatically apply the connection to the repeater and control the communication of the HYDI Clients.

HYDI Client

The software on the computer is the HYDI Client. It will be displayed as an own participant in the radio network. This allows full integration without an additional radio device. In the Hytera CPS the HYDI Client will be compiled as a network participant in the address book with its own radio ID. The HYDI Client possesses an own administrator- and user-structure and also offers a radio- and voice recording for extended usage. The recorded data will be saved on the HYDI Server and can be analyzed via the HYDI Client depending on authorization. A special highlight is the opportunity to integrate maps. It is possible to either display network participants on an OpenStreetMap with corresponding GPS position or to assign participants a fixed position within a building. Optionally, you can lodge north-oriented layout plans (e.g. plan of a building) in order to realize individual customer requirements.

  • Any number of HYDI Clients per HYDI Server possible
  • Sending and receiving voice messages
  • Sending and receiving text messages
  • display participants in OpenStreetMaps
  • Complex data recording for the administrator, with export function
  • List of favorites is adjustable for the user
  • Creating own groups is possible without Hytera CPS
  • Optional computer supplies e.g. microphone and PTT- button
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